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Got Mittens Too

Peter Osborn

15 September to 23 October 2016

TrenchGot Mittens Too is Peter Osborn’s first solo exhibition at Warwick Art Gallery.  Peter has a background in structural engineering design and has studied visual arts at the University of Southern Queensland.  His works include ceramic figurative sculpture and watercolour illustration.

The 100 year commemoration of the Anzac involvement in World War 1 became a personal journey when he read the diary his grandfather wrote while on service at the Western Front.  This brief document provided many poignant images of the conflict and devastating loss of life. 

“I became interested in my grandfather's WW1 experiences after my uncle sent me a scanned copy of his diary from that time,” said Peter, “ He arrived in France in mid 1916 as a sapper with the 13th brigade of the 4th Division AIF and somehow survived, particularly the third battle of Ypres where his younger brother was killed.

The title of the exhibit Go Mittens Too comes from an anecdote related by my grandfather when, after the German soldiers raised a banner proclaiming “Gott mit uns” (God is with us), the Allies responded with a banner “Got mittens too”

In addition to the exhibition Peter has designed a catalogue book featuring excerpts from the diary, text and images from the exhibitions.  The book is available from the Gallery during the exhibition.


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