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Different Perspectives

Naomi Trotter and Juanita Faint

24 August to 23 September 2017

Collage Different Perspectives

Naomi Trotter is an elegant woman who lives in small town of Maryvale on the Southern Downs. Naomi worked in the fashion industry all her working life. She became a fashion designer with her own couture label for some years. She was advised early on in her career to be true to herself and her own creativity and this is truly evident in her paintings. She clearly enjoys capturing the beauty of nature in her work letting her skill as a painter impart her own unique style to each piece.

Naomi has exhibited at many regional galleries, including the Warwick Art Gallery several times though it has been seven years since her last exhibition here. Joining her in this exhibition is her daughter Juanita Faint.

Juanita has painted in some way or another most of her life. As an only child painting and drawing was her dear companion. Her working life was as creative as her mother’s choosing visual merchandising as a pathway into a freelance display business. This led to opportunities to work in theatre backdrop, costume and prop design as well as commercial applications.

Juanita has had wonderful tutors through the years including Betty Churcher, June Lea and David Fowler. She has a vivid imagination and loves colour working with both acrylic and oils and also turning to painting on silk to create exotic wearable art pieces. Her work in theatre design is very evident in the drama and characters represented in her paintings.

Naomi and Juanita, on occasion, paint very similar subjects. The exhibition has been curated so that their “different perspectives” can be experienced by the viewer.

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