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Insight facebook page designIn Sight

Student art from Warwick State High School

27 September to 3 November 2018

The works in this exhibition are loaded with meaning and feature a broad range of techniques including drawing, printmaking, sculpture, painting and photography. The true pleasure in the exhibition comes from the challenge of interpreting the symbolism and concepts behind the works.

One of the most interesting works in the exhibition is a lenticular image by year 12 art student Prisca Albendia. These artworks change appearance and meaning when viewed from different angles. Prisca has explored the public’s perception of youth in her work and challenges us to look beyond our generalised attitudes to youth to see their potential.

The exhibition title "In Sight" was decided by the students themselves who also participated in the creation of promotional images, labels and the exhibition catalogue.



Dry Season Cathy Holmes smallSeasons

Warwick Artists Group

11 October to 8 December 2018

The Warwick Artists Group exhibit at Warwick Art Gallery every second year. This exhibition features works inspired by the theme "Seasons".

Exhibiting artists

Liza Adlam
Sandra Bartley
Jill Birtwistle
Barbara Bokenham
Rose Czarine
Dianne Creamer
Rhyl Dearden
Catherine Elliott
Susan Ellwood
Juanita Faint
Ann Fogarty
Mike Geisel
Fiona Hayes
Adele Hodgson
Cathy Holmes
Susanne Keong
Dawn Marriage
Chris Masters
Barbara Maynard
David Mitchell
Shirley Monaghan
Gayle Pershouse
Sherylyn Roulston
Mo Skett
Michele Smith
Laraine J Stanley
Pat Stevenson
Denise Toogood
Kim Webster Reeves
Sue Whitton
Kris Woodd
Judith Wright


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