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Textile Art Workshops 

Start your own textile art adventure!

Warwick Art Gallery presents the 2018 Textile Skill Development Workshop Program for 2018.  Since 2004, the Gallery has organised this popular program of workshops that have inspired and delighted participants.  Over 600 individuals have participated in the popular program that provides opportunities for keen beginners and curious established artists to learn from renowned textile artists.

To register for a workshop please phone or email the gallery first to check availability. p 07 4661 0434 
e This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. download a registration form HERE or
  2. collect a form from Warwick Art Gallery or
  3. request a form to be emailed to you CLICK HERE

 Date Time  Workshop Tutor  Cost More information Places left
Fri 20 July 10am to midday Arm Knitting Del Bryant $20 plus material costs Arm Knitting 
 Sat 21 July  9am to midday Tartan Taster Crochet  Jenny King  $50 plus materials cost Class Cancelled   
 Sat 21 July  1pm to 4pm  Mary Mary Crochet Headband  Jenny King  $50 plus materials cost Class Cancelled  
 Sat 21 July  1pm to 4pm  Zombie Yarn: Raised from the Dead Crochet  Jessica Thompson  $50 plus materials cost Zombie Yarn   6
 Sun 22 July  9am to midday  Bobble Scarf Crochet  Jenny King  $50 plus materials cost Class Cancelled 
 Sun 22 July  1pm to 4pm  Modular Corner to Corner Crochet  Jenny King  $50 plus materials cost Class Cancelled 
 Mon 23 July  9am to 4pm  Botanical Narratives  Jolanta Szymczyk  $100 plus material cost Botanical Narratives   5
 Tue 24 July  10am to midday  Knitting for Beginners special guests   $20 includes materials    7
Tue 24 July 10am to midday Crochet for Beginners special guests  $20 includes materials    7 
Wed 25 July 10am to midday Crochet for Beginners special guests  $20 includes materials    7
Thu 26 July 1pm to 3pm Knitting for Beginners special guests  $20 includes materials    7
Fri 27 July 10am to midday Arm Knitting Del Bryant $20 plus materials cost   4
Sat 28 July 10am to 3pm Japanese Flower Crochet Scarf Derrin Berry $90 plus materials cost Class Cancelled  


  • Workshops must be paid for in full upon registration, or you can contact the gallery to set up a payment plan. 
  • Your workshop place cannot be held unless payment has been made or a payment plan has been arranged.
  • A full refund may be issued for cancellations made earlier than one month prior to the workshop. Later than one month prior, no refund will be available.
  • Classes will not run unless they have enough participants. In the event of a workshop being cancelled due to lack of bookings, your full fee will be refunded.

Hands on Creative Publishing Workshops 

Jeremy Staples Positive Failures photo Sabrina Lauristonwith Jeremy Staples

Tuesday 3 July 10am - 12.30pm Cut Copy P&ste Zine Workshop Ages 10 and over $15

Each participant will walk away with their very own zine, backed up with an understanding of what a zine is, and how to distribute and publish them. Participants will be empowered through this analogue outlet of expression using a range of tools such as typewriters, stamp sets, as well as old-fashioned scissors and glue. What is a ZINE?? Think of it as a magazine but without the ‘Maga’ out front. ‘Maga’ isn’t the only thing missing from a zine. Zines are the little brothers and sisters of magazines; they aren’t glossy and found in newsagents. Zines are made by people like you and me, who have something to say or share on any topic imaginable. Zines are the perfect tool to build and support community, as well as a great voice for the voiceless. Poets and visual artists have also taken a liking to zines as a cheap and unique way to showcase their work.

Tuesday 3 July 5.30pm - 8.30pm Jumpers & Jazz in July Zine Workshop Adults only $15

Perfect timing for our beloved winter festival. We are going to create a zine with the theme “I love to yarn - stories of community, friendship and collaboration”. Individuals will create a page each that will be published and distributed during this year’s Jumpers & Jazz in July festival 19 to 29 July 2018. A fun, relaxing and easy activity for anyone who loves Jumpers & Jazz in July.

Wednesday 4 July 10am - 12.30pm Create, Cut, Flash and Print it Printmaking Workshop Limited places $50

Each participant will walk away with either a collaborative or individual Gocco print artwork as well as an understanding of the printing process. Gocco printing has become hugely popular with printmakers and other creatives, as it provides the ability to produce ‘one-of-a-kind’, detailed images which are used in everything from artist books to more mainstream products such as wedding invitations. What is Gocco? Gocco printing originated in Japan and is a mix of traditional screen printing and pressure printing, but without the mess usually associated with screen printing. It is extremely portable and was popular with young people in the 1970s. Gocco printing is in the midst of a revival thanks to the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ philosophy and the ability to print your own images on the spot.

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