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Warwick Art Gallery Tree Jumper Exhibition

16 to 26 July 2020

Warwick Art Gallery proudly manages the yarn bombed tree jumper exhibition for Jumpers and Jazz in July. We transform the CBD into an outdoor art gallery and dress our trees in charming textile artwork. Anyone can participate with entries coming from near and far each year that are flamboyant, colourful, heart-warming and often comical

Our annual tree jumper exhibition has woven its way into the hearts of thousands of artisans and visitors for fifteen years.  The exhibition features approximately 100 trees in the CBD "yarnbombed" by artists, local businesses, community groups and everyday folks from near and far.

Download the entry form here

JJ 2019 239 of 465 0470 resizedKey Dates

27 MARCH 2020 Tree Jumper registrations close for Warwick CBD businesses

1 MAY 2020 All other registrations close

27 MARCH - 22 MAY 2020 Trees are allocated and participants notified

15 July 2020 Trees will be set up

16 July 2020 The 2019 festival begins

17 July 2020 Judging of CBD street trees

21 July 2020 Judging of school grounds trees

Announcement of the winners of the yarn bombed tree jumper competition at Jazz @ the Gallery on SATURDAY 18 JULY at MIDDAY.  Please join us at this FREE event in the garden outside the gallery for a day focussed on celebrating artists and yarnbombing.

JJ 2019 066 of 465 9938 resizedSections and Prizes

Section 1 Open Entry $500 No specified theme or set materials.

Section 2 Excellence in Knitting and/or Crochet $500 No theme. Entry must be created using mainly knitting or crochet or a combination of both.

Section 3 Theme Challenge $500 Create a tree jumper inspired by the word CRACKERS

Section 4 Hall of Fame $500 This award will be presented to an entrant who has excelled in the art of yarn bombed tree jumper creation.

AWARD Best Community Group Entry in the Official Tree Jumper Competition Not for profit community groups and schools will be eligible for this award when they tick the box on the entry form.

AWARD Decorated School Trees in School Grounds Schools are encouraged to decorate the trees in their grounds inspired by the word MAGIC

JJ 2019 067 of 465 9947 resizedHow to Enter

1. Choose a section: 1. Open Entry 2. Excellence in Knitting and/or Crochet 3. Festival Theme (THEME: CRACKERS) or Decorated School Tree (THEME: MAGIC).

2. Register using the registration form click here. Register early especially if you have a request for a particular tree location or size. Requests will be considered but not guaranteed.

NOTE FOR SCHOOLS: Schools are eligible to enter in both the Official Tree Jumper exhibition in the CBD and Decorated School Trees competition - make sure you tick both boxes on the form if you want to enter both.

NOTE FOR COMMUNITY GROUPS: To be considered for the Community Group award, you must tick the Community Group box on the form.

3. Please pay our ENTRY FEE OF $20 to support insurance and security costs associated with the exhibition. Decorated trees in school grounds do not have to pay the entry fee.

4. You will receive a registration package once you have been allocated a tree. Make sure you RETURN ALL THE COMPULSORY FORMS by the due date Friday 19 June 2020.

5. Set aside time on Wednesday 15 July to INSTALL YOUR TREE JUMPER. This is always a fun and exciting day as our streets come alive with colour and creativity. If you are unable to set up your own tree please contact Warwick Art Gallery well in advance and we will make arrangements for our volunteers to help.

JJ 2019 236 of 465 0465 resizedTerms of Entry

1. Trees are allocated by Warwick Art Gallery. Special requests will be considered but not guaranteed.

2. Entries must be designed as artwork and strictly must not contain promotional material of any type. Signs, flags and posters attached to your tree jumper that promote your group, club or business are considered to be prohibited promotional material.

3. Security guards will patrol the exhibition overnight. Enter at your own risk. Ensure that your entry does not have elements that will affect the safety of others.

4. Any material can be used as long as it can withstand cold, wind, sun and rain. You can use traditional textiles or be inventive with recycled materials. In the interests of our environment we ask that you do not include laminated elements in your tree jumper. Plastic laminated paper tends to be blown around in the wind often ending up in our streets and gutters. Judges will be informed of this condition when they do the judging.

 Photos by Trevor Martin

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