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Warwick Art Gallery is a hive of visual art and cultural activity located on Queensland's picturesque Southern Downs.

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Warwick Art Gallery's Yarnbombing Team knitchen 6

In 2014 the Gallery yarn bombing team created a remarkable knitted, crochet, felted and wrapped installation inspired by an old fashioned kitchen.  Our Knitchen attracted a massive audience and was one of the Gallery’s most popular exhibitions ever. Since then we have had an energetic and creative team of yarn artists who meet regularly at Warwick Art Gallery throughout the year.  Yarn bombing projects naturally involve the participation of many willing hands using their knitting needles and crochet hooks dreaming up quirky ideas and clever objects to transform.  

The Front Room SMALLOur big indoor installation this year is titled The Front Room. We will be turning the Warwick Art Gallery “front room” (our Orange Wall Gallery) into a very groovy, retro living room.

Our shag pile carpet is going to be amazing! We are slowly getting there, but still need LOTS more pom-poms in these colours: browns, warm purples, magenta, pinkish reds, hot pink, burnt orange, orange, gold, yellow, mustard, but no green please, as we already have plenty of those). Pom-poms should be around 7.5 cm to 10cm (3 to 4 inches) in diameter, and you need to leave the long piece of yarn you use to tie them, as we will use it to attach them. Please send your pom-poms into the gallery by the 14th of April.

These little hearts have been part of our team activities for the past few years, and we give away thousands of them during Jumpers and Jazz in July each year, as a random act of kindness. If you would like to join our lovebombing project, the Queen Babs “Super Easy Heart” crochet pattern is the one we are using and is available on her website: http://yarnbombersunited.weebly.com/super-easy-heart.html Make them in any colour - they are a great way to use up small scraps of yarn.

Karina 4 resizeYucca Yarn bombs
IMG 8843 resizeWe are thrilled with the response for our call out for new yucca wraps to brighten our Yarntopian Gardens. On the right you can see some of the gorgeous wraps that our team members have sent in so far. We are using a colour scheme that will go with our Front Room installation. Yucca wraps can be knitted or crocheted, and should be striped (thick or thin vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes are all fine, as are ripples and chevrons). Please select your colours from the picture below - we are looking for browns, warm purples, magenta, pinkish reds, hot pink, burnt orange, orange, gold, yellow, mustard, warm greens such as chartreuse, pistachio & olive green.

Colour Scheme SMALL

 Please make your rectangles in any of the following sizes: 90cm long x 25cm wide, 100cm long x 30cm wide, 110cm long x 40cm wide and 120cm long x 50cm wide. If you are keen, you can taper them to fit and there will be less wastage of yarn/overlapping. Tapered wraps will be very handy in larger sizes, as the thicker Yuccas have a much more tapered shape. The width can be reduced gradually until they are half the width at the top, eg. 110cm long x 40cm-20cm wide and 120cm long x 50cm- 25cm wide.


The team always have a project on the go.  You can get involved by reading our yarnbombing team newsletters or by emailing the team coordinator Loretta Grayson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Newsletter March and April 2020

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