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 Plan your visit to Warwick Art Gallery using our Exhibitions Calendar.

Our three unique exhibition spaces are updated every 4 to 8 weeks.  We are open 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Saturday.

12 May  - 9 July 2022

Lightning Without Flash
Joe Ruckli

In his solo exhibition Lightning Without Flash, documentary photographer Joe Ruckli seeks to unearth the idiosyncratic qualities of Lightning Ridge, a rural mining town in northern New South Wales, famous for its large deposits of Black Opal.

The featured objects and photographs suggest an inhospitable landscape that belies the beauty of its gems and precarious labour hidden below. Scorched by the sun and secluded deep within Australia’s vast interior, the exhibition reveals strange and surreal glimpses of life on the minefields and its fringes; a subterranean world where prospectors chase their fortune and hermits search for somewhere to retreat or disappear.

26 May  - 9 Jul 2022

From the Ground Up
Warwick Potters Association

A collection of works from members, focussing on the phrase From the Ground Up. Small clubs like the Warwick Potters begin because likeminded people wanted to come together to create, learn and share their potting journey. They start small and grow into thriving community hubs. Members come and go but the club house is always there, much like our natural landscape, it blooms and thrives and hibernates through the seasons, natural disasters can devastate the landscape but once that has passed it blossoms again in all its glory.

Like many small community clubs that have suffered throughout the pandemic as they struggle to adapt to the post pandemic world, and our natural landscapes after bushfires and floods we are rebuilding from the ground up 

14 July - 27 August 2022
Australia Wide Eight 
Ozquilt Network

The Ozquilt Network Inc. is Australia’s organisation for makers of art quilts and supporters of art quilts as a medium. Established a little over 30 years ago, the Network’s vision is to raise the profile and status of art quilters, art quilts and art quilt making in Australia.

Australia Wide Eight is the latest exhibition in a series that have toured the nation since 2008. The juried exhibition features 36 art quilts that showcase innovation in the art quilt movement. The works highlight the scope and variety of the ‘stitched and layered textile medium’.

More information

21 July - 20 August 2022

Community Paper Quilt Project - Abundance

Our paper quilt is a collaborative art project made from hundreds of paper artworks that respond to the theme “abundance”. This installation, celebrating creativity and participation, will be assembled by Warwick Art Gallery staff and volunteers.

 1 September - 8 October
60 Years in the Making
Warwick Artists Group

On the 20th May 1962 a number of Warwick artists met, as they regularly did, to paint in the open air. During their lunch break, and after some discussion they unanimously decided to formalise their group. One of the members, Dr Judith Best outlined some of the future aims of the club, which included creating opportunities to partner with other clubs, exhibiting in local competitions, and providing learning opportunities through engaging visiting artists.

A name for the Group was agreed and the “Warwick Artists Group” came into being with a membership subscription of ten shillings each year.

The meeting closed at the end of lunch and all members happily returned to their half-finished paintings.

Over the next sixty years, the Group would grow in number, creating many opportunities and successes for its members. It would also meet the many challenges that face all community organisations; remaining relevant by meeting the varied needs of members, finding a suitable place to practice and importantly, sourcing funding.

In this sixtieth year, the Warwick Artists Group celebrates its longevity by presenting their regular biennial exhibition at the Warwick Art Gallery. “60 YEARS IN THE MAKING’ showcases the work of our members and includes not only painters, but fibre artists, printmakers, bookmakers and other paper crafters.

25 August - 1 October
In Sight 5
Warwick State High School Students

Rightly or wrongly, art is predominantly associated with the sense of sight.
In viewing this exhibition of work from students who study art at Warwick SHS, you will see examples of various media, processes and genres. The artists range in age from 13 to 17 and their work reflects their diverse personalities and differing perspectives regarding the world we all occupy.
If you gain insight or an insight into a complex situation or problem, you gain an accurate and deep understanding of it (Collins English Dictionary).
We hope that in attending our InSight 5 exhibition that you will not only take the time to slow down and appreciate the artworks, but also consider how - in reflecting on these works – you can gain a deeper understanding of what is important to the youth of today. 

13 October to 19 November
Walk with Us
Corina Graham and the Demented Artists group

If we don't tell you...
You might not notice...
If you haven't lived it...
You might not understand...

And see the world through our eyes...

WALK WITH US is a group exhibition of The Demented Artists Group Inc. Using the healing power of Art to enhance the lives of those in recovery and to help break the stigma surrounding Mental Health. The artworks have been created by our members of differing skill levels and at different stages on their journey to wellness.

1 in 5 Australians will have a Mental Health issue during their lifetime.
The Demented Artists Group Inc, a local Not-For-Profit, assists those in Recovery from Mental Health Issues to regain their Social Confidence through "Art, Friendship and Social Inclusion."

6 October to 12 November
In Pursuit of Knowledge, Excellence and Service
Judy Currie

Landscape and nature are important to me; observing the colours, the changes, the shape, the peace, beauty of our environment is what I explore in my art. Seeing the beauty in what surrounds us is important to me, so beauty is what is depicted. There may be harshness in the landscape but beauty lies in the colour, textures, contrasts and the way the various elements interact and influence each other.

A tree may be dead but there is beauty in the structure of the branches and the trunk, how they come together and meld with each other. The colours can be faded, greyed, blackened but the story and beauty of the tree is still there and continuing.

Man-made structures have the potential to be part of this too with colours, reflections, shadows, light connecting them and allowing a merger with the beauty of the natural environment.

24 November to 7 January 2023
Do You See What I see
Fiona Hayes

Warwick Artist Fiona Hayes interprets scenes of shops, cafés and houses in watercolour, coloured pencil and ink. She is captivated by urban clutter, rubbish bins, advertising, street signage and power lines. These details augment familiar local and vacation destinations with a human element prompting viewers to answer the question “do you see what I see?”

17 November to 14 January 2023
Once Upon a Table
Lauren M

Lauren M’s series Once Upon A Table was conceived after the artist completed a digital drawing of a Woolworth’s brand Mudcake with a “reduced” sticker, laying on a red gingham tablecloth. The artist found a sense of joy and comfort in the image as it reminded her of simpler times and finding happiness in the small things. Drawn by the idea of “simple food” on a table, the artist reflected on her yonder years and could recall many other items of foods, beverages and even utensils that brought her a sense of joy, comfort and nostalgia.






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